Good nutrition is an essential ingredient to healthy living, especially for active, growing children.  Our menu follows Canada’s Food Guide, ensuring well balanced, nutritious meals. Campers gather for full meals three times per day and snacks three times daily.  All meals are served buffet style either outside on the picnic tables or inside the cottages depending on the weather.

To promote healthy living and to keep our campers fuelled and well hydrated we have two fresh fruit and water breaks throughout the day, but campers will have their own personal water bottle on hand at all times to hydrate whenever necessary. Evening snacks are also served near bedtime ensuring all campers keep their calorie count high enough for optimal daily performance.

For those that require special diets or have food allergies, an alternative menu is prepared. Please inform us if you have concerns about specific food requirements for your child. Some restrictions may require supplementary food be sent to camp by parents for the food service staff to prepare.

Please see below for a sample menu.


Our Summer Camp programs are designated as “nut aware.”  Our menus are created with this in mind.

All food served through the kitchen and on out trips are carefully screened to ensure it does not contain nuts nor nut products.

Health & Allergy Concerns: Many children attending Camp Toraguchi have specific allergies and some can be life-threatening. We take these allergies seriously, and do all we can to reduce the risk of exposure. Though Camp Toraguchi cannot guarantee to be a peanut-free environment, we do not use or serve peanuts, peanut products or tree nuts. Certain products have “may contain traces of nuts” labels, so guests with life-threatening allergies should consult with the kitchen staff regarding foods served at each meal. We ask that guests do not bring snacks or food from home that may contain nuts. All guests who carry an EpiPen are asked to have it with them at all times. They will be asked to wear a specific wristband that alerts our staff to their health concerns.

In such case that a product does contain nuts or traces of nuts, it will be removed immediately from the camp property.